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long time no see

Yes there has not been a word from your favourite! blog hack for a long time now and this is basically down to three things.  In October some @@@@xxxxxxx!!!!!!!!!!!!  smashed the back of the car whilst we were shopping at the Super U supermarket in Villaines.  The amazing thing was the severity of the damage bearing in mind our car was parked and unattended and the room to park is such that it is almost impossible to drive at anything but a few KM an hour.

The second thing was the worst, having looked forward all year to Christmas and seeing my two sons, Simon arrives early and we have a great week buying all sorts of french goodies that the french roll out at this time of year, foie gras, all kinds of fresh seafood, venison, duck in every way possible, cheeses, hams, I defy anybody to not be impressed by a french supermarket at christmas especially the hypermarches.  I had lobsters, langoustines, crayfish, clams, giant prawns, guinea fowl, venison, rabbit, quail and  of   course  oyster all ready for the celebrations.  Simon made a stonking game pie and come the day before christmas eve all was set for a feast.  Then I started to feel unwell first I thought it was the flu, aching limbs, headache, then the worst part came which I shall not go into but suffice to say by christmas day I was in bed and wishing for death to take me and put me out of my misery.  I have never missed a christmas dinner in my life but there was no way I could have partaken.  I am so sorry lads that things did not go as planned, lets hope next year is better.

So because I was getting no better, I saw the doctor who concluded that I had eaten an oyster whech had been infected with a micro algae, the oyster is fine, ie not off or bad and the algae does not affect the oyster, just the pure human who is unlucky enough to eat it.  Three weeks later and a course of anti biotics later and I am just beginning to feel better, I have also lost 12 kilos in weight and whilst I could have done with shedding the kilos anyway, this was not my ideal solution to dieting.  Will I eat oysters again?  Well I am not convinced that the oyster was the culprit, both Simon and Chris ate them at the same time, in fact I think we had a couple of dozen between us and they had no ill effects, thankfully, and there was a bug doing the rounds which had the same symptoms so who knows.  I have eaten hundreds of oysters in the last 5 years of living in france, they are cheap and delicious, so the answer is yes I will eat oysters again but probably not at Christmas.

I said at the beginning of this diatribe that there were three reasons for my lack of blogging and the third is that since feeling better which was well into January, I have been attempting to start my own computer assistance company under a new regime that the french government have brought out commencing January 2009, and as of 23rd February my registration was finally confirmed, hurrah!!!!!!!

So this blog is just a little reminder that I am still here and that normal service has been resumed.  Our life in france has a new element to it, keep fingers crossed it all turns out well.


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