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morning after the night before

I had to hit the alka seltzer this morning, it was my birthday on the 3rd and our good friends John and Angela invited us round to their place for a birthday meal.  They live close to the next village from us and have a fantastic place with a huge lake and grounds and ducks and everything.

I had been reminded by my sons girlfriend, she of the fabulous food stories blog, that as a food blogger I should take some photos of the fare to come and John and Angela were gracious (courageous) enough to agree.dscf2602

A very agreeable bottle of champers was opened, the log fire burned cheerfully and we settled down to a wonderful


The first course was a delicious menage of prawns, crab, egg and mayonaise served on a lettuce leaf with tomato for the others because I do not like tomato, well remembered guys. dscf2606dscf2607

Of course the champagne flowed as did a very gulpable white.  The second course was a hefty piece of snowy white cod, not overcooked but flaking perfectly and still moist and tender.  This was served with a mussel sauce, simple boiled potatoes and a combination of leeks and petit pois.  I should say that the prawns used in both dishes were the tastiest I have had for a while, like the fish, these were fresh not frozen and you could tell.

For some reason the cheese course and port did not get photographed, so please use your imagination, french cheeses, what more do you need to say.  Then there was the pud.dscf2614

This combination of pears and chocolate is a classic and rounded off a wonderful meal.  The company weren’t half bad either.  I think it is fair to say that in the nearly six years of living in france, we have made a lot of friends and some have become quite close, but although we have not known them very long, Angela and John are probably our closest and best friends and it is going to get all shmultzy if we are not careful, so moving on.

We adjourned to the comfy seats where John plied me with whisky and cigars and Angela plied us with coffee and chockies.

As you have probably guessed if you read the opening sentence, I was a little shall we say merry, fortunately I was not driving but words have been said about my censoring photographs of me and I therefore include one which I guess you have already imagined.dscf2621


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