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Bonne Année

First of all I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year.

Yes I know it is a bit belated but needless to say the year started with a disaster.  Whilst driving our eldest son to the airport after Christmas, the car broke down just outside Rennes and we have not seen it since.  I do not even want to think about the cost which seems to rise daily and the inconvenience.

I will say our neighbours have been absolutely brilliant.  As regular readers will know we live in the back of beyond where a car is a necessity not a luxury and we are unable to get to the shops or work or anything.  Our friends and neighbours have all offered to take us wherever we want whenever we want and to those people we would like to say a huge thank you, words are not enough.

So this is a quick blog to say I am still here and working on a new more recipe orientated content which will be mainly real French recipes, ones that you will not see in standard recipe books, real down to earth rural French food cooked by and for French families.

It has been gratifying to see the number of people still visiting old Powerfulpierre even though it has been a while since anything new has been put up and again I thank my loyal readers.

Finally during Christmas my good lady wife made mince pies amongst other scrummy Christmas Fayre and we discovered, in fairness it might have been Jamie in one of his Christmas programmes, an alternative to brandy butter.  We used Mascarponi cheese, mixed with cognac and icing sugar and blobbed on the warm mince pies.  Oh happy days, served with real  coffee and more brandy in and squirty cream in the coffee, delish.

So that is all for now, it is milk night and no car so we are going to have to walk to the neighbours milking parlour but it is worth it for the full cream deliciousness of it fresh from the cow.

a biéntot


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