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Due to our longstanding lack of car problem, now sorted at great expense with the arrival of Schumie, a Ferrari red Ferr,  okay Twingo, and Mrs Powerfulpierre doing a bit of supply work at a school in Evron,  I have been a bit remiss in writing and for that I apologise sincerely.

Schumie in all his glory

We had a wonderful evening at our new chums house in a village nearby, they are a French couple and Mrs Powerfulpierre helps their son and daughter with their English.  We were thrilled when they invited us round for dinner a month or so ago.

As it happened we ended up going round the following evening and spent it playing French scrabble, I think.

Anyway we had Kir and nibbles and good home made pork rillettes.  The main course was venison which was so tender.

Fantastic venison

The cheese course was lifted to a point of epicurean delight with the wine being served which was a 1997 St Emillion from their fathers cave.  Now regular readers will recall that I consider myself somewhat of a gourmet and have had the privilege to have drunk 60 year old calvados, 90 year old cognac, 25 year old port and now a 13 year old wine which I could not even afford to buy at today’s prices let alone vintage.

Our host carving the meat

It was a sensational evening and went on till quite late,  the calvados being the final thing I seem to recollect, an awesome meal with fantastic company.

I have not written for a long time mainly due to having a car again and a fullish diary of customers to see,also Mrs. Powerfulpierre getting up at 6am to go to school, I get up as well before you bombard me with your comments, mind you a few comments would be appreciated because this may be the last missive I write before transferring to a new site which is my own paid for site, thanks to my eldest son and which should mean a lot more exciting and interesting bells and whistles.  Of course it will still be Powerfulpierres weblog so keep checking for the opening extravaganza.

Thank you and goodnight.


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